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Another year of school is coming to an end.

April 29, 2010

With 7 real days of class left, I can say that I’m really satisfied with how every thing has gone for me.  I’ve learned a lot more this year than years passed and really pushed myself beyond the limits by taking on free-lance clients while in school. My portfolio is even to a point where I feel accomplished, even though I’m not satisfied with everything in it as of right now (though I’ve got plenty of time to add to it between now and graduation).

The faculty was awesome and I also made some great connections out in L.A and San Francisco via the Flash Festival. One of them has even given me two critiques (thanks Robert) on the site and over all quality of the design and functionality to help me better, which it has, and the advice was greatly appreciated.

With work coming up on the 10th of May, I’m eager to gain as much experience in the printing field as possible. Adding such a skill set will just make me more lethal on the job market, which I love being as lethal as possible in. The more competitors I can cut out, the better.

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My foot is in the door, you mind not slamming it while it’s there?

April 20, 2010


Well, I met for the second time with some of the top dogs at Super Mail Inc/
I’ve got the job!!!! I’ll be handling layout design, graphic design, and social media from what it seems, as well as learning how to use the UV Coating machine at some point. I can’t begin to say how excited I am, and just this once, I’m patting myself on the back for this one. My foot is in the door for the design industry now, and even though I’m at the bottom of the “ladder” so to speak there’s plenty of opportunity for me here. With hope, luck, and some hard work I really hope to get the ball rolling with the social media as well as building a print based portfolio to strengthen my skill set while helping the company get on more of a community based level with their client base.


I received a call the other day to bring in my school schedule for fall to discuss the issue of being a student while working for Super Mail INC/

I hope this signifies that the job is mine, but I won’t be 100% sure until the ink is on the paper.


I had my interview today and it went fantastic. Steve was really open minded to me still being in school and working around that schedule to make sure that things can stay proficient. So I can say with confidence the door has not been slammed while my foot is in it. I’m looking extremely forward to hearing word of weather or not I’ve got the job at the end of the week or begin of next week, in which case you’ll hear about it here!

*Original Post*
I had my first job opportunity open up as a graphic designer today!
I received a phone call at about 10:45 this morning from Steve Blackwood, of Super Mail Inc./
He informed me (though him and I both already knew) that the position of their layout designer would be opening in a couple of weeks.
He asked if I would be interested in some how working out a full time job for the Summer, then continue working if possible through the school
via part time or internship.
I have to say that I’m extremely excited about this opportunity as it will give me experience in the printing side of the design industry, which I have little of. Even if I end up not doing as much as I would hope, there are still experienced people there who I can ask questions and learn from just to have that knowledge in my pocket.
We’re supposed to meet later this week and discus the entire situation of the position in detail. I’ll keep you posted here to let you know how things pan out.

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2010 West Virginia Flash Animation Festival

April 8, 2010


Well unfortunately my piece was not a winner in the festival this year, however it just wants to make me work harder for next year to enter an win!
Even though the festival was a bust in terms of winning anything, I still in a sense won more than I could have asked for.
Our 3 judges, Robert St. Pierre, Jeff Essex, and Christian D’Andre, were all awesome to meet in person and extremely kind in giving us tips and one on one time to get to know them as contacts for future reference.
I really want to say thanks to the 3 of them for coming to the fest from California and Washington D.C to spend the time that they did with us, and really hope that they have the chance and time to come back to next years Flash Festival to judge again.

    *Original Post*

That’s right! It’s that time of year!
And you guessed it, I’m entering.
I’ve got about 3 pieces that I’m currently working on.
All of which are music based.

2 Digital Music pieces
1 Flash interface to play music

I’m hoping to win a few bucks, and I think that my best bet might be in the Flash interface I’ve designed and am coding. I was originally going to do a small cartoon, but I scrapped the idea because of a lack of time that would be needed to make it worthy to enter in my own eyes.

Wish me luck! The festival is April 23rd and will be on West Liberty Channel 14!

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busy bees buzz, stupid bees get trapped in windows.

April 7, 2010

Busy bees buzz.
That’s what I’ve been all week. I’m almost to the point where I’m overwhelmed, which can lead to the second half of the title, “stupid bees get trapped in windows.”
The worst thing I could do in my current situation with this huge work load is panic and crumble under the pressure.
I’m staying focused!
I’m working on:
My flash animation festival pieces,
A database project,
The Google Ad words challenge,
all for school;
Business Cards,
Carbon Paper Forms,
All for RW Products LLC;
Poster designs for the Annual West Virginia Day of Percussion Festival
A Book cover design
Managing my other websites
and thats about it for now. Lets hope the list gets a lot shorter in about the next week.

2010 West Virginia Day of Percussion

April 1, 2010

I previously talked to Dr. Matt Harder, Dept. Chair of the Music Dept. at West Liberty State College.
They have an annual percussion festival that is being hosted on May 1st at the college.
The event takes place all day.

I told Dr. Harder that being a student of the school, and starting my freelancing, that I find it fair to do projects for school for free (with the exception of printing). As the school has given me; a great experience, the faculty is personal and willing to help you on about any project you have, and because of the education and experience I’ve got as-well-as the opportunities that are put forth to me, have all been fantastic! I feel that doing free work for the school is a way to both help the faculty out and let them know that they’re appreciated.

So, that being said, I’ve got an opportunity to do the poster designs for the WV Day of Percussion!
Fantastic both for me, and for the event.

1. Because it’s another opportunity to display my skills
2. Because it’s helping out Dr. Harder who is an excellent teacher
3. It will inform people in the area of an awesome event!

I’m starting the design concepts tomorrow and will hopefully (and should) have them to Dr. Harder by Saturday.
I’ll let you all know how it goes in the coming posts.

Design, Approve, Print…

March 30, 2010

I met with RW Products LLC again on Monday.
Nothing to new going on here, we’re still working on site content that we’ll be putting up in the near future.
As of right now, the only really new thing to talk about is that we have set up an appointment for next week
to go to Super EZ Print in Wheeling.

We’ll be checking out all the materials the company will need to have the logo on, as well as finding out about
the dimensions they’ll need. That’s about it.

Alice in Wonderland…

March 27, 2010

If you like the feeling of your eyes bleeding then I highly suggest you see this poorly crafted 3d film.
Now just to say from the get go, I DID NOT SEE THIS IN IMAX! Which was probably half the problem.
However there was more than just the 3d that slayed this movie.
This movie was about 3 hours long, and 2 and a half ours felt like it was the intro. There’s hardly any flow through the movie, it’s all very dry until the climax, which comes at the end of the movie rather than about 75% through the movie. There’s like a 2 minute wrap up of her leaving wonderland, and really, it just doesn’t suck you in to the movie a bit. Not only is the movie poor, but the ticket prices are outrageous!!! 25$ for TWO tickets!!! I was dumbfounded. Luckily my date was hot.